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At 2Polished,our speciality is powdercoating,especially wheels! We have over 7500 colours and we can also make custom colours! Also two-tones are possible (2 colours on 1 wheel)!From basic RAL-colours to candy colours or metalflakes, this is all possible!

The wheel powder coating process:


Remove Wheels

In order to powder coat your wheels, they must be taken off of the vehicle.It is possible for us to remove the wheels from your car or you can even leave your car with us! This allows a smooth, even finish to coat the entire wheel surface. This will ensure the complete application of the color and prevent future corrosion.

Dismounting Tires

In order to begin powder coating, Tires must be dismounted from your wheels. Although this may sound simple, extreme care must be used when removing the tires from your wheels. At 2Polished we have the equipment to properly dismount tires from your wheels to guarantee that your wheel remains undamaged.

Stripping and Sand Blasting

Regardless of the current condition of your wheels’ finish, it will need to be stripped down to bare metal to ensure proper powder coating adhesion.
Your wheels will be cleaned of road grime and brake dust and stripped of any paint or coating, and then sand blasted to create what we have found to be the idea profile for powder coating.

Powder Coating Wheels

Once the wheels are prepared for applying powder, they are electrically grounded and the powder is electrostatically charged. The charged powder is then suspended on the wheel until curing.
After application, the wheel is then moved into an oven and cured at 180 degrees for a specific time according to the wheel’s mass and specific powder material requirements.

Remounting and Balancing Tires

This is the part that many inexperienced tire shops get wrong. More than just equipment, we have the knowledge and technique to guarantee that the tire will be mounted without any damage to your wheels and rotating in the correct direction. We balance each tire using black or silver weights and place them in the most aesthetically pleasing location inside the wheel to ensure a smooth ride.

Some of our work