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Powdercoating Wheels

At 2Polished, our speciality is powdercoating especially wheels! We have over 7500 colours and we can also make custom colours.

Powdercoating Automotive

At 2Polished, we can also refurbish your parts!From valve covers, brake calipers,intake manifolds to even various pipes and brackets.

Multi-piece wheel service

We are the specialists when it comes to 2 or 3-piece wheels! Due to our years of experience we can split and rebuild almost any wheel back to factory specs.

Powdercoating Various

Because powder coating comes from the industrial world, we can also coat non-automotive parts! Small or big parts, single piece or large batch, no job is too big for 2Polished.

Powdercoating Bikes

If it has less than 4 wheels, we can also help you! We powdercoat parts for bycycles, motorcycle or even BMX bikes. From basic colours to fades or even metalflakes on your gas tank we can hook you up.



Have some wheels but they don’t fit 100%? We can sort it out! We can adjust your wheels for the perfect fit. All machining gets done with a CNC-machine so all our work is perfectly finished.